Home Telephone Intercom System Benefits


Your Home Intercom System May Be Already Installed! (Mostly)  If you have standard telephones conveniently installed around your house, most of a great home intercom system is already in place!  Installing this Whole House Intercom for Standard Telephone Systems will add intercom functionality to your existing home (or small business) telephone system.   Alternatively, several standard telephones may be interconnected to form an intercom system not connected to an external telephone line.


This intercom is well suited to busy families who want to keep in touch, even while they are in different rooms.   It is also excellent for invalids, to easily signal for occasional attention.


Installs like wireless, works like wired.   If you are considering a wireless intercom system because wiring is too difficult and expensive to install, take a look at this alternative!   Many people are not satisfied with wireless intercoms, because radio interference can cause them to make unwanted noises at random times when they are not in use.   Installing this single wired unit may be just as easy as installing multiple wireless units.   You'll enjoy the same wired reliability as your current telephone system.

If you’re handy with electronics, you can build your own.  This article tells you how.  If you’d rather buy one ready to install, the Add-A-Com Whole House Intercom for Standard Telephone Systems is now commercially available.  Review this page for details.


  • Uses existing phones and wiring – any mix of standard wired, wireless, and speakerphones matching any decor.  No need for separate, dedicated intercom stations.
  • Distinctive ring – signals intercom page to all house phones.
  • Call hold and transfer – use the intercom to put an outside caller on hold, and transfer to another party.
  • Multi-party room-to-room conferencing – as many phones as desired can participate.
  • Clear signals – wired connection provides best, interference-free, intercom talk quality.
  • No need to miss calls – outside calls ring into earpiece when intercom is active.  Discontinue intercom use to answer normally, or let an answering machine take the call.
  • Internet compatible – passes DSL signals continuously to household wiring.
  • Reduces clutter – no need for separate, dedicated instruments for phone and intercom.
  • Can install on vacant line – of your existing, multi line phone system.
  • Easy, single-location installation – wall mount, connect telephone wires and power.
  • Reclaim abandoned phones and wiring – If you have “cut the cord” to your landline and gone cellular or digital, use your old phones and wiring for an intercom system.
  • Easy and economical to expand – with readily available standard phones.
  • Power failure tolerant – premises wiring connected to Telco line if power off.